Type 2 error

One can also discuss how different persons might have different perspectives on the relative seriousness of Type I and Type II errors in a given situation -- a stockholder of the drug company might differ from a potential consumer for the scenarios above. I would say quite the opposite: Using medical examples in particular, in many cases people will die without the treatment whereas they may only suffer loss of limb or diminished quality of life as adverse outcomes.

Later he asks which error is the more 'dangerous'. A weight-loss diet and 30 minutes of daily exercise lowered their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58 percent compared with those who didn't follow the diet or exercise. A smaller sample size may not decrease bias, but at least we won't mislead be the apperance of high precision.

When the means were close together the two distributions overlaped a great deal compared to when the means were farther apart. Trying to avoid the issue by always choosing the same significance level is itself a value judgment.

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Mon, 12 Sep 94 Please select a newsletter We respect your privacy. Is it appropriate to deny a person continued life just because they encounter the risk of losing a limb.

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Type I Error is related to p-Value and alpha. The relationships between the four kinds of image are illustrated in figure 4. I teach that alpha cannot be set just by a statistician, because it depends on the consequences of the decision being made So far I agree, as have many other respondents.

That is, one might be willing to trade an increased risk of a Type I error for a decreased risk of a Type II error. A Type II error is concluding that the drug is not effective when in fact it is.

Drincic notes that "symptoms of type 2 diabetes don't start as suddenly as symptoms of type 1 diabetes. You might also be less than enthusiastic about increasing power by gathering more data, since it costs money to gather more data and the increased power would make it more likely that you would detect an increase in tumor rate should one exist.

This balance of utilities must be based on informed personal judgment: Imagine we did a study comparing a placebo group to a group that received a new blood pressure medication and the mean blood pressure in the treatment group was 20 mm Hg lower than the placebo group.

It is, however, possible to decrease beta without increasing alpha. May I commend to readers of this debate the excellent chapter in Leamer's Specification Searches book. So your conclusion that the two groups are not really different is an error.

Statistics cannot be viewed in a vacuum when attempting to make conclusions and the results of a single study can only cast doubt on the null hypothesis if the assumptions made during the design of the study are true.

All channels in the PNG image have the same sample depth. Alpha samples always represent a linear fraction of full opacity.

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Understanding signifigance. The statstical key point here is that there is a trade off between false positives and false negatives. As we increase alpha the number of false positives increases but the number of false negatives decreases.

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Type 2 error
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