Slotting attachment in drilling machine

Next tighten each opposing jaw a little at a time until the workpiece is held firmly, but not too tightly. Use a recommended cutting oil liberally. Due to the clearance angle, the cutter will rub, producing a great deal of friction.

Experienced machinists have found the following shapes to be useful for different lathe operations. Various forms of chucks can be fitted to milling machines spindles for holding drills, reamers, and small cutters for special operations.

Place the chuck in position on the spindle. It is an excellent rust preventive and produces a smooth finish on the workpiece. AJAX were not manufacturers but importers and distributors who badged machines as their own. Some of the more common of these tools are listed below.

Index Plate The indexing plate Figure is a round plate with a series of six or more circles of equally spaced holes; the index pin on the crank can be inserted in any hole in any circle.

ECAS-20 Swiss-type Automatic Lathe

The term socket head capscrew typically refers to a type of threaded fastener whose head diameter is nominally 1. A complete data pack for the maker including Models: Therefore, the milling machine spindle would be set for as near 70 RPM as possible.

Use the buddy system when moving heavy attachments. Sales and Technical Specification Catalogues. AB Ames "Triplex" No. The lathe indexing fixture and Versa-Mil unit are detailed in Chapter 9. Whenever practical, use the proper cutting oil on the cutter and workpiece during operations, since lubrication helps prevent overheating and cutter wear.

ECAS-20 Swiss-type Automatic Lathe

This tapping should be continued until the parallels cannot be moved by hand. Listed below are several types of Style C arbors. III production versions of the Fokker Eindecker. At this point, the graduated dial on the vertical feed is locked and the workpiece moved longitudinally to allow the cutter to clear the workpiece.

The larger grinding abrasive wheels used for external grinding are attached to the wheel spindle with an arbor. Mineral Oil Mineral oils are petroleum-base oils that range in viscosity from kerosene to light paraffin oils.

It requires special tools or mechanisms like spannerstri-wings, torxessquare drivers, etc. Even though suggested rate tables are given. It can also be used in the cutting of splines and standard and special forms.

Formed cutters are expensive. This is done with formed milling cutters, shaped to the contour to be cut. The plain vise similar to the machine table vise is fastened to the milling machine table. Technical Sales, Specification and Accessories Catalogue.

The tailstock may be adjusted laterally toward or away from the operator by adjusting screws. Workpieces mounted between centers are fixed to the index head spindle by means of a lathe dog.

Figure illustrates correctly and incorrectly drilled center holes. Basic milling machine configurations are shown in Figure Alignment of Milling Cutters When milling keyways, the shaft may be supported in the vise or chuck, mounted between centers, or clamped to the milling machine table.

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Slotting attachment in drilling machine
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