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Given the density of large farms in California flock size of 50, or greaterit seems prudent not only to perform the initial product introduction there but to focus the entire first year of business Odi case this single West Coast state.

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We want to concentrate on the fact that our product is more effective than debeaking at reducing cannibalization and has additional beneficial effects that far outweighs the costs of the lenses itself.

For scenarios in which two grades were used, the team would use the same mean and standard deviation for the spot price of both WTI and Arab Light and vary the correlation between the returns of WTI and Arab Light between 0.

Like so many other great discoveries, our product concept was discovered quite by accident.

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And since we are targeting only medium and large farms, we can expect the number of birds in this market to continue to increase. You would think that our work is quite theoretical, but in fact it is a good mix between theory and practice and how to combine both. Test results have shown that flock mortality can be cut in half relative to debeaking, so another important assumption is that these positive results can be duplicated consistently in the field.

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ODI holds the promise of reducing the threat caused by pecking, without some of the issues associated with debeaking. Like so many other great discoveries, our product concept was discovered quite by accident.

Next, we need to identify potential customers for the product. However, we are only shown break outs of farms with 20, more chickens. Therefore, ODI should introduce their product according to my analysis below. You would think that our work is quite theoretical, but in fact it is a good mix between theory and practice and how to combine both.

ODI developed the lens for chicken.

Odi Case Study

Sales Representatives based on capacity of 80 farms, and the assumption that each sales will only cover farms of one particular size present in Exhibit 3 20, to 49, 50, to 99, andor more. The product is contact lenses for chickens, and it is hard to imagine a more unique product concept for which to develop a business plan.

Our sales force should not only explain the properties our lenses, but also do demonstrations to let the farmers see for themselves. The issue ODI is facing is that it currently has no revenue flow. If millions of lenses cannot be sold in the first year of business, ODI would find it difficult to survive against bigger competitors who are waiting to enter the market.

This means that we will remain profitable. From a business continuity perspective, it would be preferable if ODI could obtain its lenses from two different New World Plastics plants. Who are the potential customers for such a product.

But it is always a concern for the game. Next, is to understand the early adopters versus the market laggards.

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As a means of attracting the participation of the first one or two trial farms, ODI could offer free lenses for up to birds, including insertion labor. Quarterly Claim contract is better than the other two. ODI. The World Leader in Grip Technology. Welcome ***FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $75, CONTINENTAL US ONLY***.

ODI Case Analysis DMOP EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: As per the case Offshore Drilling Incorporate (ODI), who was in a fixed rate contract with PEPCO, was looking for the viable options out of the 6 proposed, to minimize their risk of High Negative Cash Flow (which could lead to bankruptcy) and making loss due to changing global Crude Oil Prices.

Odi Case Study Optical Distortion, Inc. HBS Case Study Marketing Management MKT – Fall Team Members Young soo Han Kevin Yang Jay Chi Lenny Liao Brad Standridge As of the chicken population in the US is already in excess of million birds, with slow but steady growth expected through PositioningODI is the only producer of contact lenses for non-human purposes but it still has to introduce its product in the market on a large turnonepoundintoonemillion.comONINGODI is not differentiating its product at the momentTarget positioning: 50% penetration of farms with.

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